A fresh, juicy and fiendishly creative company with twisted, mind boggling ideas.

Absolutely niche advertising agency on icelandic market.

Meet Drakkar Studio.

Tomasz Urban

graphic designer

Tomasz “Gobber the Belch” is a graphic designer with 15 years of colourful experience with international and local companies. Basically he breathes in ideas and exhales ready designs. All day long. His mind is fuelled by both creative challenges and strong coffee. Be careful with fire around him. He also claims to be younger every year.

Leszek Nowakowski

marketing specialist

Leszek “Grim-beard the Ghastly” is a marketing specialist who has been pointing businesses just like yours into right (sometimes left if needed) directions since he completed his Master’s degree in Marketing 10 years ago. He has also just realized (not for the first time) that time passes very quickly. And the rest of us just realized that he has been bragging about his education since we met him. Alright man, we know it!

Pawel Terebinski


Pawel “Hairy Scary Librarian” is a creative programmer (does this expression even exist? Well, it does now). His natural talents lie in talking to computers, and we sometimes find ourselves having to translate things into human for him! He brings our ideas to life in the form of awesome websites, programs and other complicated IT jargon. He also claims that one day he will transfer his being into a computer and live forever. So he doesn’t give a tiny rat’s ass about our flying time dilemmas.

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